Available Online Courses and Communities

Whether you're a licensed mental health professional or just someone looking to become a little happier in life, Jonah's got you covered! Plus, join the "Habits of Happiness" Community for ongoing challenges, discussion boards, and happiness resources. And if you'd like to take your Happiness-building skills to the next level, join "The Happy Hour" community for weekly live classes on the science of happiness!

Webinars for purchase through partner organizations

Over the years, Jonah has worked with a number of continuing education organizations who've supported his work, and who sell some of his previous trainings through their sites. Click on the links below if you're a clinician looking for continuing education trainings:

CBT for Anxiety & Depression (6 hours - TZK Seminars)

Awestruck (3 hours - TZK Seminars)

Updates in Positive Psychology (6 hours - TZK Seminars)

Happily Even After (4 hours - PESI)

The "Wow" Factor (1 hour - PESI)

Rediscovering Wonder (2 hours - PESI)


Get Jonah's books!

Click here to get your copy of Happily Even After

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Click here to get your copy of The Happiness Toolbox

Click here to get your copy of Real Happiness


Downloadable Handouts (free for personal or clinical use)

Click on the link below for access to free, easy-to-use handouts and tools for your personal and professional use. Each handout is research-backed and helps foster key habits for happiness like gratitude, compassion, mindfulness, awe, and more. For even more free resources, be sure to sign up for Jonah's newsletter! 

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