David Robson: The Expectation Effect

It’s often said that our mindset and attitude can change our lives, but did you know that this can be true even on a deeply physiological level as well? And better yet, that changing our expectations in particular ways can impact our mood, health, relationships, and even the very trajectory of our life?

Join us for an illuminating conversation with award-winning science writer David Robson, whose work focuses on the extremes of the human brain, body, and behavior. In this episode, David shares eye-opening findings from his awesome book, The Expectation Effect: How Your Mindset Can Change Your World. As he explains in our conversation, our expectations have a profound impact across many different domains of life, including meaningful physiological changes depending on our mindset. Best of all, you’ll learn tangible ideas about how these sorts of shifts can change your life too!

David was a fantastic guest, incredibly accomplished yet down to earth. In addition to The Expectation Effect, David is the author of The Intelligence Trap, which received worldwide media attention and accolades when it was released in 2019. His writing has been featured in a range of outlets including The Guardian, The Atlantic, Men’s Health, Aeon, and much more. For The Expectation Effect, David was the recipient of the prestigious British Psychological Society Book Award in the popular science category. We hope you enjoy our conversation with David as much as we did!

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