Debbie Sorensen: ACT for Burnout

Season #1

Struggling with burnout? You’re not alone! Whether it's a difficult boss, demanding hours, lack of autonomy, or not feeling appreciated at work -- there are all sorts of factors that can lead us to feel burnt out. In fact, surveys from around the world show that burnout is on the rise, and comes at a great cost to our mental and physical well-being. Many of these studies even suggest that the majority of people working in the United States have experienced significant burnout at some point within the past year. But how to cope with burnout, and its associated symptoms of exhaustion, cynicism, and reduced efficiency? 

Our guest today is Dr. Debbie Sorensen, and she’s here to teach us all a few important lessons when it comes to burnout. Debbie is a Harvard-trained clinical psychologist specializing in the treatment of chronic stress and burnout. She is also a co-host for the popular “Psychologists Off The Clock” podcast, a favorite cousin of “The Happy Hour.” Our conversation spans themes including understanding and defining burnout, recognizing early warning signs, and strategies we can employ to lessen the impact of burnout in our lives. Debbie’s new book “ACT for Burnout” is a fantastic resource and offers readers sustainable strategies for managing burnout. She’s kind enough to share some of these important concepts and findings in our conversation with her today, which we hope you enjoy!

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