Developing Emotional Fitness with Nataly Kogan

Season #1

Looking to find ways to ground yourself in the context of professional and personal demands? Consider how the story we tell ourselves, and how we treat ourselves weighs into our emotional functioning and can contribute to burnout, and how this can look differently for each of us. In our show today, we discuss the differences between daily burnout versus the “big kahuna” burnout, and how this can manifest. We also discuss how emotional fitness, the ability to handle life’s challenges with less struggles by creating a more supportive relationship with yourself, can mitigate burnout. Our guest today, Nataly Kogan, a leading expert on emotional fitness and leadership, talks to us about how to go from burnout to thriving. Listen in as we discuss the use of daily anchors to ground ourselves, and hone in on emotional fitness. Nataly is a best-selling author, and keynote speaker and has appeared in hundreds of media outlets, including The Wall Street Journal, Harvard Business Review, The New York Times, TEDx Boston and SXSW. Links & Resources: Learn more about Nataly’s work here: Order your copy of her new book here: Awesome Human Journal Thanks for listening! Please leave us a review and subscribe to our show to receive all new episodes hot off the press. Reviews are very helpful for visibility and gaining new listeners, so we’re very grateful if you’d help us in this way! To learn more about Jonah, visit his website at To learn more about Supria, visit her website at